Lucie Silvas – The Courtyard – Saturday 1st December

Lucie Silvas, originally from London now resides in Music City, the infamous Nashville. One thing is for sure, she makes every effort to come back whenever she can. This time around, we were graced with such a special treat, ‘An Evening with Lucie Silvas’. After entering the venue, and being so pleasantly surprised with a tiny space, I already knew it was going to be a great night and was soon to realise I certainly wasn’t wrong.

Stunning the entire crowd with an extremely impressive and lengthy set of 2 hours, Lucie took an insane amount of requests, some expected such as her huge pop hit ‘What You’re Made Of’ and some not so expected such as her cover of Roy Orbison’s ‘You Got Me’. I was actually hoping she would sing this, as her vocal is utterly breathtaking on this song, and so it was, one of my favourite moments of the set.

Silvas’ voice is actually one of my favourites, not just in country music, but in music as a whole in fact. It’s got that haggered, rustic sound. It’s like it’s imperfectly perfect, it breaks at moments as if it was scripted, it’s really sensational in my oppinion. The fact that this stayed true for the entirety of Lucie’s 2 hour performance, is proof of how good a vocalist she is.

As are most of the women in country music, Lucie is ever so supportive of her peers, backed up by her British band, The Bonfires, she gushed constantly about how amazing they all are at what they do. Nearing the end of the show, she put the spotlight on her good friend and backing vocalist Anna Krantz, who sang a stunning original that she had recently released, it was such a beautiful song, and made the audience greatly appreciate the sheer amount of talent on the tiny stage.

In her sassy, full on girl power nature, Lucie had the audience giggling all night, whether making intentional jokes, or just not being able to remember an old song that the audience had requested. It was such an entertaining evening with so many flashbacks such as ‘Breath In’ and first listens to songs off the new album ‘E.G.O.’, such as ‘First Rate Heartbreak’ and ‘Black Jeans, which quite frankly, I think may be my album of the year. I love Lucie Silvas, and hope she comes back to the UK waaaay sooner, rather than later. Anyone else agree?

Written by Shannon Hynes
[email protected]_hynesmusic

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