Spotlight on Maybe April

Welcome to the third part of a new regular feature on Belles and Gals, where we shine our spotlight on the rising stars of the industry coming out of Nashville – all brought to you by new team member Craig Brooks! (

In this edition I’d like to introduce people to a trio that had me completely besotted from first listen. On my very first trip to Nashville in 2016 I was making my way through a list of my friend Raihanna’s favourite spots in town and on this particular evening I’d decided to pop along to the Listening Room to just check out the venue without really knowing who was playing. I was very lucky to stumble across Maybe April that evening.

The Country Americana trio consists of Alain Stacey, Kristen Castro and Katy DuBois. Hailing from Simi Valley, CA, Jonesboro, AK, and Chicago, IL, they met in 2012 at a music industry camp in Nashville. The bond and chemistry between them all is so very impressive and it really shines through when you watch them play live, the harmonies in particular are mind blowing and like nothing you have ever heard before. One of my favourite things about these girls is they all contribute something unique to the sound and song writing but it just blends together so well and really gives them this edge which is sure to help them stand out amongst other country acts. Katy grew up doing dance and musical theatre, Kristen used to be in an Iron Maiden covers band and Alaina grew up in a very musical family just to give you further background on their musical beginnings. Amongst their influences the trio consider themselves to be drawn to strong women who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable such as the likes of Kacey Musgraves, Carly Pearce, Lori McKenna and Maren Morris. As well as opening for acts like Brandi Carlile and Grammy winning Sarah Jarosz, they have performed in the Song Suffragettes writers round at the Listening Room so their consistently excellent performances aren’t going unnoticed. The music video for the single ‘Last Time’ was also premiered on CMT’s Artist Discovery Initiative earlier this year.

Their wonderful 6 track self-titled EP from Maybe April contains a mixture of country ballads as well as beautifully catchy tunes such as ‘Blush’, if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of acts that are on the verge of becoming huge in Nashville this EP is a must have. One third of the trio, Alaina Stacey also has a wonderful solo album which I would highly recommend checking out.

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