Emily Frith Releases New Single ‘The Blue’

Today is an amazing day for Belles and Gals ambassador Emily Frith! Not only has she released her new single ‘The Blue’, but she is also, (almost as I write) appearing at Southend United stadium on matchday and playing in front of up to 6,000 people! It’s been amazing to see the reaction to Emily’s new music in recent months and she is certainly an artist who is quickly on the rise!

The new single is incredibly catchy with a chorus that will stay in your head long after the song has finished. Take a listen for yourself! Below is the stream, and you can also see Emily’s live performance of the song at our showcase back in October.

Emily will be appearing in another Belles and Gals live gig at the end of this month! She will be joining Sam Coe, Vic Allen and other Belles and Gals ambassador Lucy Grubb in a brilliant line up in Norwich!


About Emily Frith!

We chatted to Emily last year and this is what she told us about how she got started and artists that have influenced her!

It’s a pretty funny story actually. I got a guitar when I was about 6 or 7. However, even though I had a kids sized guitar, my fingers just didn’t fit around the fretboard and I didn’t have enough passion to want to learn how to play it, so the guitar sat in my bedroom until I was about 12 years old. When I was 12, I had 2 best friends who were really involved in performing arts, so they were always rehearsing for school concerts & one day, one of them asked me if I could play the guitar for her in the show – so I did, and I haven’t stopped performing since! Before the age of 12, I had no interest in music at all! It’s so weird. I used to be so incredibly shy, and I think I actually wanted to grow up and have my own sweet shop!

My music taste changes every day, depending what mood I’m in. But I’m currently obsessed with Jillian Jacqueline, Sara Bareilles, The Milk Carton Kids and George Strait! The artists that have had the biggest influence on my music would have to be Taylor Swift, Maren Morris, Lennon Stella and Jacob Whitesides.



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