The Truth Behind the Song #8 – Hannah Ellis’s ‘Your Woman’

Welcome to our ‘The Truth Behind the Song’ feature. For this feature, we’ve asked a number of our favourite artists to give us in-depth piece about a song that has a special place in their heart. Today we feature the wonderful Hannah Ellis, who gives us an insight into the ‘truth’ behind ‘Your Woman’.

Writing “Your Woman” was like writing my personal anthem. One of my co-writers that day, Parker Welling, who is a close friend and knows me well, came in with an idea called “Your T-Shirt Girl.” That idea got us talking about what it means to us to be someone’s significant other, or more specifically, someone’s “woman.” Over the course of the next few hours, that idea evolved into “Your Woman.” While we were writing this song, we talked about how it is all the little details we notice or love about ourselves that make us special to our person, and that how we know our significant other is all part of that. I really am a tequila-drinking, driving-too-fast, level-headed-’til-I’m-not kind of woman, and I love really hard. I am not afraid to be a strong independent woman, but I also am not afraid to be vulnerable enough to say “yea, I care a lot about this person.” I think there is something really special and beautiful in knowing and loving who you are, but also not being scared to say I love my man and love being all of these things for him as well. When people listen to this song, I hope that not only find themselves in some of the intimate details, but that they also realize there is strength in loving, and in being proud of loving, someone.

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