Shoes To Fill – Halle Kearns Out Now!

‘Shoes to Fill’ is the new single from Halle Kearns and is another fantastic offering from Halle Kearns who has been making a huge name for herself with her first two single releases. We’ve featured both ‘Pick Me Up’ and ‘I Drink Whiskey’, and now we’re delighted to feature the third ‘single’ instalment of Halle’s career.

‘Shoes to Fill’ is an homage to her father. At the start of the song she reminisces about the times when her dad has been there for her, and the song is a message to any potential suitor that they have big shoes to fill if they want some of her affection. The song has shades of Kacey Musgraves about it, with a similar smooth and almost effortless touch to her outsanding vocals.

Spent two years, betting my heart on someone, who swore he’d never felt more in love, on the day he walked away, all his words lost their way, but deep down I knew how it would end up, cos I know I’ll know when life feels right, since I’ve seen it in my fathers eyes‘ – this lyric sums up the song, and tells a story in itself.

This is another fine release from Halle Kearns, and will surely see the Missouri raised artist take further strides up the country music ladder – stream it on Spotify below:

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