Morganway Announce Self Titled Debut Album

Morganway have announced the release of their self-titled debut album, ‘Morganway’! The record will be released on August 2nd and has the following track listing:

Morganway’ – Tracklisting

My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You
Let Me Go
You Can Only Die Once
In A Dream (Coming Home)
Frozen In Our Time
London Life
New Way
Daylight Rising
I See People
I Want No Other Love

The eagle eyed among you will spot the two recent singles ‘Frozen In Our Time’ and ‘Hurricane’ (each of which we’ve featured here on Belles and Gals). Having heard both of those singles and many of the other tracks in their live set, this looks set already to be one of the albums of the year.

On being asked how Morganway can capture their incredible live set into a studio album, Callum Morgan (founder of the group alongside brother Kieran) stated:

It couldn’t become too sanitised in the studio so the bulk of it was recorded live, with minimal overdubs. I think all art is frozen in its time, forever reflecting the moment in which it was made but also, hopefully, speaking to the person that discovers it in their own time. Jackson Browne says he still calls recordings ‘records’, regardless of their physical or digital format, because to him, they’re ‘a record of events’.”

Morganway Live Schedule

Tuesday 07th May – Morganway with Wildwood Kin – Waterfront, Norwich

Friday 17th May– Sunday 19 May – Wood Festival 2019 Braziers Park, Wallingford

Thursday May 23rd – The 229 – London

Saturday 26th May – Leestock – Melford Hall, Suffolk

Sunday 2nd June – Country In the Afternoon – The Half Moon, Putney

Saturday 8th June – Alresford Music Festival – Hampshire

Saturday 15th June– Sunday 16 June – Foxton Locks 2019

Friday 21st June– Sunday 23 June – Black Deer Festival 2019

Sunday June 23rd – Deopham Music Festival – Norfolk

Friday 5th July– Sunday 07 July – Folk In A Field Festival 2019

Sunday 4th August – The Waterfront Sessions Americana Takeover – The Waterfront, Norwich

Saturday 10th August – Lakefest – Eastnor Castle Deer Park

About Morganway

Morganway was founded in 2016 by twin brothers Callum (vocals/bass) and Kieran Morgan (lead guitar), and genre-defying keyboard player Matt Brocklehurst. Their numbers quickly grew as their sound developed, with singer SJ Mortimer, whose growling vocals were a perfect complement to the Morgan brothers gritty guitar work, and fiddle player Nicole J Terry joining the ranks. On the choice of adding another lead instrument to the band, Callum explained that, “both Kieran and Nicole have very individual playing styles, and that combination allows their instruments to play off one another in quite distinctive ways, sometimes harmonising or in total contrast.” The last member to officially join was drummer Ed Bullinger, whose diverse playing adds an urgent, yet tactful texture to the fray.

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