Nia Nicholls – ‘He’s Not You’ Out now!

Nia Nicholls is an artist I came across a couple of years ago by accident at Buckle and Boots Festival seeing her play a session in the barn and then making sure I caught her play again on the Paddock stage. There is definitely a Taylor Swift vibe to Nia but something that I love about Nia as an artist is that despite the Taylor inspiration, she is still 100% her own artist. With numerous trips to Nashville and Memphis under her belt already (including recording her track ‘I Chose You’ in Nashville and shooting the video for ‘Nervous’ in Memphis) she has had a great grounding.

Nia’s latest release is her 4th single ‘He’s Not You’. It was written a few Summers ago at the age of 17 and last year she was lucky enough to record the track in Nashville with musicians who had worked with the likes of Taylor Swift, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

The track definitely pulled me in straightaway with the very intriguing pacing to it. The first half of the song contains a number of repeated short and simple guitar riffs with a gap of a second inbetween, within the simplicity of this though there is a real catchiness and uniqueness to it that I love. There’s a lot of love songs in country music but this one has a bit of a twist in the sense that it’s detailing someone who in theory is absolutely perfect but just not the person you want. The strength of Nia’s song writing really shines through in this as you feel sympathy for the guilt the protagonist of the story is going through. Nia is definitely somebody who is wise beyond her years with her writing.

In summary this is a very well constructed track and has the usual classic hallmarks of a Nia Nicholls track in that it’s catchy and lyrically strong. I feel Nia has a really bright future ahead and is becoming more endearing to her audience with every release.

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One thought on “Nia Nicholls – ‘He’s Not You’ Out now!

  • July 24, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    Another lovely song from Nia Nicholls, after Nervous and Honestly I tried, a lovely tris of songs on my Spotify list 🙂
    Nia’s song writing skills are impressive, not just the same “three words” repeated for three minutes, but real stories, like a real song should be!


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