An Interview with Lauren Alaina at Nashville Meets London!

Last night Lauren Alaina played the headline set at Nashville Meets London, her final set of a fantastic UK tour which has seen the Georgia native make new fans and create great memories the length and breadth of the country. We were lucky enough to catch up with Lauren just before she headed out on stage and wowed the crowd at Nashville Meets London!

Hi Lauren, I’d like to start by saying welcome to London! How have you enjoyed your UK tour and what abiding memories do you take from the UK?

It’s been amazing! We went all over the place, and had a great time, it’s been eye-opening and we’re ready to come back! There were some really cool standout moments – Dixiefields was really cool as it was like our first ‘whoa, we have fans here and they are singing our songs very loudly’ and there were other standout moments. I got to see the highland cattle in Edinburgh, I got to see some castles and I had nine and eleven year-old girls come up on stage and sing with me! That was really special! One of the girls writes songs and after the show I met her and she sang me a song that she has written, probably my favourite moment of the whole trip!

We love the fact that you travelled 5,000 miles and love the cows and the castles!

Yes (laughs) and the sweet little girls – that’s what I’m taking home with me!

You’ll be heading out to the main stage to perform in just over an hour. How excited are you to get out there on stage?

I’m excited, I keep hearing them yelling really loudly, so they sound like a really good crowd!

With just the right amount of buzz!

Yes, we’re playing last so usually everybody is pretty buzzed up by then! Pretty energetic! We wanna go out with a bang, it’s our last show so we want to make it count.

You recently released the brilliant ‘Ladies in the 90’s’, where you reference artists such as the Spice Girls, Britney, Shania Twain and Christina Aguilera. If you could play with any of the artists you reference, who would it be?

***A long pause while Lauren ponders!*** Any of the girls in the whole song? Mmmm… Probably Reba. Because she’s Reba. She’s so nice and I’ve met her a bunch (not that I’ve met the others and they’re not nice!), it’s just that she’s extraordinarily nice, humble and so talented.

If you could duet with her on any of her songs, which one would you choose?

‘The Nights the Lights went out in Georgia’ – I grew up singing that song. It might not be one of the more popular choices, but it’s personal to me. It’s kind of a dark song, but I like it!

On the back of that, you received a phone call from Reba to tell you you’d won an ACM last year! How incredible was that moment?

Oh my goodness, that was unbelievable! If you watch the video you can get an idea, I was like sobbing. It’s not everyday that one of your heroes calls to give you the best news of your career – I’ll never forget that.

You’re 2 months away from embarking on the ‘That Girl Was Me Tour’! The promotional video is brilliant, showing so many highlights from your career. If you had to pick out one highlight, what moment stands out?

You already asked me about it! Reba! Another real highlight was when my label called me to tell me that ‘Road Less Travelled’ was the number one song in America on country radio. I was in a random town and I was on the road and I cried so hard. One of the biggest moments of my life.

It must have been such a highpoint – especially when travelling and touring?

I was so tired and then suddenly I was like ‘whoo, let’s go!’

You’ve had over 100 million streams on Spotify! That’s a lot of listening! If you played them back to back, those streams would play more than 500 years! What do you say to Lauren Alaina fans in the 26th century??

The 26th century! (laughs). Word up, thanks for remembering me!! That’s crazy (laughs again).

If you could invite three famous people, alive or dead to a dinner party you’re hosting, who would you invite? We will be judging you on your choices!

Elvis Presley! (pause) Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton! How you gonna top that? That’s a pretty good list right there!

And now let’s play a game of Kiss, Marry and Avoid with the same 3!!

I have to go with the same 3 people??!!


Dang it (laughs). I’ll kiss (laughs) Johnny Cash. No! I’m gonna marry Elvis.

He let himself go at the end…

That’s OK, they all do! (laughs) Wait, I’m not avoiding Dolly! I’m marrying Dolly, kissing Elvis and avoiding Johnny. I feel bad to say that. I might marry all three of them, can I marry all three? If I could hang out with Dolly Parton every single day I would, so if that took marrying her, we’d figure it out!

We’ll let you marry all three, but we need to hear songs about it!

There’s be some serious material, boy, can you imagine marrying Elvis! I picked 2 crazy men, didn’t I?! Says something about my character I think (laughs).

To finish, have you got a message for your fans in the UK?

Thank you! This was amazing, I’ll be back. I’ll tell you this, the UK fans give the American fans a run for their money they really do. They’re every bit as crazy, they just have an accent that makes them sound a bit crazier. I’ll be back!


Interview conducted by Louise Parker ( and Nick Cantwell (

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