Sarah Darling Discovers ‘Diamonds’ Is A Worldwide Line-Dancing Hit

We all know that the country music genre can bring people together like no other style of music. Its storytelling lyrical style means anyone from anywhere will find something they can resonate with and US singer/songwriter Sarah Darling has the universal theme of dream chasing running throughout her songs meaning listeners across the globe can see themselves in the stories.

Her heartfelt ballad ‘Diamonds’ was first released as a single back in June 2018 and it became an instant fan favourite thanks to its powerful lyrics about never letting the setbacks in life stop you from going after what you truly want in life; the lines “butterflies don’t get their wings overnight” and “turn your fear into hope” in particular resonated with the fans.

Speaking about the song’s lyrical message back when it dropped last year, Darling said: “the song is a reminder that life is a journey with a lot of ups and downs. It’s the struggles that bring out the beauty. I’ve been to the bottom and literally had to pull myself back up, and I’m grateful for the whole adventure, not just the fun glittery parts. I think of how many wonderful things just need a little time and patience.”

The track made it onto the impressive 13 song tracklist of Sarah Darling’s UK Country Music number 1 album ‘Wonderland’ which dropped this past June and gave the adopted Brit her very first number 1 LP of her career. The dreamy record which was written, recorded and produced across Britain showcased the immense talent that the Iowa native possesses and won her a whole new range of listeners across the world.

And it’s worldwide that ‘Diamonds’ has taken on a new life. Yesterday (Monday, August 12th) Sarah discovered that the gentle, inspiring record has become a global line-dancing hit. A fan sent the Nashville based artist a YouTube clip via Twitter and she was blown away:

The sweet vocalist then took to social media to share the video of the South Korean dance class:

It’s a wonderful story of how great music with a wonderful lyrical message can translate anywhere in the world.

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Laura Klonowski

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