Presley and Taylor Discuss New Single ‘Everybody Wanna Be Us’

Presley and Taylor are a country sister-duo who have just released their brand new single ‘Everybody Wanna Be Us’. We caught up with the duo to find out more about the track and what it is like to work together as siblings. 

Hi girls, thank you for talking to us. You’re a country sister duo who have perfected the art of harmonizing with one another. How does it feel to be able to work so closely with one another? 

Taylor: Hi! Thank you for the extended invitation to interview with you! Working alongside your sister…your best friend…makes every experience during our musical journey together all the more special. We’ve always shared common interests and have been so close since our childhood; it just makes perfect, natural sense that we’re on the exact same page when it comes to music. Singing live, shopping for stage clothes, rehearsing, and every aspect of our career, would be pretty lonely if we didn’t have one other. It is truly a blessing to be on this path together. 

Your new track ‘Everybody Wanna Be Us’ has a modern country pop sound while retaining a familiar traditional country tone, sprinkled with some great rock guitar. To someone who has not listened to your music before how would you describe your sound? 

Presley: That is an awesome description of ‘Everybody Wanna Be Us!’ Tay and I always say: ‘there’s only two kinds of music, good and bad.’ We like to think that we know good music! Developing our sound has been our concentration. When we were younger, we grew up on stone-cold country music; as we’ve grown, we’ve experienced and enjoyed music from within and outside the country music format–from Whitney Houston, to Aerosmith, to Vince Gill. We pull from a lot of different genres to create our sound and we think that our new single and forthcoming EP truly is a genuine demonstration of our sister sound. We’re very excited to share it with the world! 

The track tells the tale of the exhilaration of a new relationship and the extreme emotions experienced. Where did the idea for the track come from and how well do you think the track reflects the emotions experienced? 

Taylor: This song was written by talented and accomplished writers–Victoria Banks, Kylie Sackley and Blake Bollinger–who have have written for artists like Sara Evans, Jessica Simpson, Faith Hill, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean and more. Their writing speaks for itself and it’s pretty good company to be in. The second we heard the song, we fell in love with the emotion, passion and energy of the lyrics. We recorded ‘Everybody Wanna Be Us’ at LOUD recording studio in Nashville; the legendary James Stroud and Keith Burns (of Trick Pony) co-produced the recording. They captured the energy of this song perfectly and we hope that when listeners hear it they can experience that amazing feeling – the ‘honeymoon phase’ of a new relationship – every time it comes on! 

This new track is a brilliant insight into your upcoming EP release anticipated for February 2020. How well does this track reflect the sound of the new EP and can we expect more brilliant powerful songwriting and beautiful harmony? 

Presley: ‘Everybody Wanna Be Us’ offers the listener a taste of what’s coming from our new EP. We have energetic, fun-loving tracks as well as very deep and emotional tracks that demonstrate an edgier side of our sound. The songs that we selected were written by some of the best-of-the best including Shane McAnally, D. Vincent Williams and Keith Burns, just to name a few. …and of course, our fans will hear Presley & Taylor harmonies… 

You have performed at an incredible number of wonderful venues including the Grand Ole Opry. Which has been your favourite and why? 

Taylor: Our performance as guests of Pam Tillis on the Grand Ole Opry will always standout as a memorable career accomplishment. As sisters who grew up listening to WSM-AM and attending the Grand Ole Opry many times over while visiting Nashville, that opportunity, to sing on that world-famous stage, was a dream-come-true.  …Truly a moment we will never forget. 

Finally, where can readers find out more about you and your music? 

Presley: You can find our music on Spotify and iTunes. Folks can keep up with everything going on in our crazy lives by following us on Instagram and Facebook @presleyandtaylor and you can access all of our music and social media on 

Thank you again for having us! Hope to see you all soon in a town near you! 

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