SJ McDonald Releases New Single ‘Give Me Back My Heart’

Hailing from Virginia, the Nashville based SJ McDonald brings us her debut single ‘Give Me Back My Heart’, Craig Brooks gives us his thoughts on the new track.

On my frequent trips to Nashville I always end up leaving having seen the same particular artist playing more shows than I do anyone else, and that’s SJ McDonald. Whether it’s consistently playing the hottest shows on Broadway as part of a full band, being the Queen of writers rounds or regularly playing with the Song Suffragettes, SJ always leaves an impression with her stage presence and fabulous song writing.

SJ has been a very accomplished writer for a number of years now and I’m very excited she has  released her debut single ‘Give Me Back My Heart’. She wrote this whilst a freshman at Belmont University in Nashville and had this to say about how the song came to exist “It was the first song I wrote on my own where I actually felt confident in the lyrics, melody, everything. It is personal in that sense, rather than being about someone. It’s a story I crafted! I remember the day like yesterday. There are many sides to me as an artist, and this side feels light and happy, though the song may be about heartbreak. It just felt right to get back into the world of releasing music with this tune!”

‘Give Me Back My Heart’ is a wonderful example of how SJ’s powerful song writing ability connects her with the listener emotionally and has them hanging on every word of hers. SJ excels vocally on the track and it really gives life to the uplifting chorus. She has a real knack for storytelling in her writing and she has picked a great song to release for her debut as it’s a great showcase for the impressive skillset this multitalented artist possesses. Those who have been fortunate enough to catch SJ live will know she has a number of fantastic songs in the bank so keep an eye on her going forward as we have something special on our hands.

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