Lindi Ortega ‘On My Way To Hell (Witchy Version)’ – World Video Premiere!

Today, Belles and Gals are delighted to feature the world video premiere of Lindi Ortega’s ‘On My Way To Hell’. The video sees the Canadian singer songwriter go full out for Halloween, taking on the role of a witch – the video is an incredible watch! And please watch it all the way to the end – you’ll find out that the cat featured in the video has the most amazing name, and a fun segment to end the proceedings. 

We asked Lindi how the song came about, about the shooting of the video and how much fun she had creating the whole project?

I wrote the song “On my Way to hell” one night on tour in my hotel room. I had the telly on and I was watching a true crime show and I remember being fascinated by the story of this unsavoury person who started off with petty crime and then somehow turned into a murderous mobster. I remember thinking “why didn’t he just stop at robbing liquor stores?, what compelled him toward more evil deeds?”. Then I sort of envisioned myself as an evil villain and the song was born.

I had sat on it for a long time, then when I took some time off music I revisited my old voice memos on my phone where I record all my songs ideas. I listened to that one and I remember thinking the voice memo recording sounded pretty cool. So as halloween approached this year I got this wild idea to shoot a video for it in the little town where I live, the very picturesque mountain valley town of Creston, B.C. Canada. I thought a witch would be perfect for this song, because witches can be bad and follow some of those dark paths like the wicked witch of the west with her flying monkeys from hell. But what made the wicked witch bad? The witch in this video is on the brink of bad.. she’s in her petty theft stage of witchery where she’s just learning spells.. but soon she’ll be haunting bell towers, luring children to candy houses, and offering poison apples to fair maidens of the forest.

Everything about this video and song are “do it yourself”. At first I worried about not presenting myself as professionally as I usually do with slick video and recording, but after some thought I realized that there is something charming in creative endeavours that are imperfect and rough around the edges. Also it was a lot of fun, and Im sure we scared the bejesus out of the two men that we happened upon in the woods while shooting this!

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