INTERVIEW: Hailey Miller Talks New Single ‘Boy Toy’

Rising country crossover sensation Hailey Miller is ready to take the scene by storm with the release of her sassy new anthem ‘Boy Toy’. The track is a delicious slice of country-pop that will leave fans’ mouths watering for more. It’s fun, quirky and uniquely Hailey Miller – with a sonic shift into the pop realm.

Here we chat to Hailey to discuss the track further:

Boy Toy signals a sonic shift of gear for you, was that a conscious decision?
Yes and no! I think as a young artist, I’m constantly evolving and feeling inspired by different things. The shift in sound is something that I naturally started hearing in my writing style around the time I wrote Boy Toy, and instead of trying to fit it into a box of what my music “should sound like” based on my previous release, I just ran with it. That being said, by the time I got into the studio with it, I’d already decided I wanted to experiment with it sonically and do something I’d maybe never done before. I really love what came from it.

It has clear pop production but ties back into the storytelling of Country, is this the vibe you’ll be looking to continue with for future releases?
For the time being! I always feel super inspired by pop production, but there’s a reason I chose to do country music. I love the stories. Right now I want to make music that people can dance and sing along to – but that’s still raw, honest, and tells pieces of my story. But as an artist, I never want to put myself in a box. I’ll always strive to put out music that feels good to me, whether it’s what people are expecting or not.

The track is all about that boy who doesn’t really want to be in a relationship, do you have any advice for anyone going through that situation at the moment?
My biggest piece of advice is to recognize it and get the heck out!!! Haha, no, but really. There are so many guys out there who actually want what you want, and would never make you feel unworthy or manipulate you! Recognize that it’s a them problem, not a you problem. Then blast this song…and move the heck on! 

What was the writing process like for the track?
The writing process for this track was quick and fun. Like most of the songs I write from personal emotion and experience, it poured out of me pretty dang quick. After I wrote it and sang through it, I just started laughing! I’d never written something so sassy in my life.

Who did you team up with to create Boy Toy?
I wrote Boy Toy solo, and then teamed up with my amazing producer Caleb Lovely to bring it to life. Caleb did such an amazing job on the production and taking it in the direction I wanted.

Do you have any plans to release a music video for the track soon?
As of right now, no. But that could change! I think it would be really fun to do an acoustic video for this one.

Will this be your final release of the year or can we expect another single to drop before the New Year?
Boy Toy is my last planned release of 2019. I’ll be spending the rest of the year writing my little heart out and deciding what songs I want to share next!

What are you hoping listeners take away from the song?
To listen to someone’s actions, not just their words!

What are your main goals and ambitions for Boy Toy?
My biggest goal with anything I put out, is to just be proud of it and for it to connect with just one person. Human connection is the most important thing to me. Anything else is a perk!

Can you give us a little insight into what your 2020 is looking like so far?
2020 is looking like a whole lot more music for me! I want to write more, perform more, and learn more! 2019 has been such an exciting year of learning and working to be a better writer and artist. I hope to continue that into 2020.

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