Interview with Cambree Lovesy

We recently introduced you rising Canadian country artist Cambree Lovesy ( and promised that an interview with this exciting 20 year old talent would follow.
And true to our word, here you are, I hope you agree that it makes interesting reading… as well as Cambree’s enthusiasm for her craft, her honesty about her past struggles with mental health is both refreshing and inspirational.
Oh and anyone who has a dog called “Dolly” always scores points with me… I have one called “Jolene”!

1 .LH As with all my email interviews, my first question is can you tell me where you are as you’re replying to my questions please, Cambree? I like to set the scene and paint a picture like any good country song does!
CL I am talking to you from a small town called Abbotsford, just outside of Vancouver, Canada! I am currently sitting on my bedroom floor with my dog, Dolly and a cup of coffee beside me.

2. LH In my recent “introducing” article about you I mentioned your influences being both the traditional and more contemporary female country artists. Which side of country music did you discover first, and how were you introduced to it?
CL I was first introduced to traditional country music from a very young age. My grandpa is a huge fan of Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline so I grew up singing “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” and “Crazy” into my karaoke machine I got for my tenth birthday. My mom would also put on the CMT channel when I was a baby so country music was in my blood right from the beginning. I think because I was introduced to traditional artists first, and added my love of contemporary country into my set of influences, I garnered a really unique sound that translates into my music. Also, I like to observe that the influence from strong, female, country artists has stayed consistent over the years, as I seek to embody the confidence and poise they share.

3. LH What made you fall in love with the genre?
CL I think I truly knew I was in love with the genre of country when I began to write songs at the age of thirteen. I quickly recognised that what defined a good song for me, was the story that it told, and that is exactly what country music does so well. Country music has helped me through every experience where I questioned who I was and what I was feeling; there’s a song out there for every emotion and experience in this genre. I started writing stories that turned into songs, and country music is where I found my home.

4. LH I gather some of the first songs you wrote were to help you express your feelings and help you overcome your anxiety disorder, again something I touched on in my previous article about you… “music as therapy” . At that time in your life could you ever imagine performing live in front of a room full of strangers?
CL Yes, I grew up with anxiety and have always struggled with my mental health, but music is where I went to when I needed an outlet to express how I was feeling. I actually find it funny how opposite my situation was. The one safe space I had at some points in my life was the stage. Sharing music was a way for me to forget about everything else, and I don’t think there was ever a time when I’ve had stage fright. Instead, I would focus on looking forward and planning towards my next performance, and that is what ultimately led me to a healthy state of mental health.

5. LH You’ve had to juggle your studies alongside your musical career… I gather you had several jobs on the go while recording your album too… how tough was that and have your family been supportive when it comes to the music side of things?
CL It’s definitely not easy! I am in school full time, as well as working a couple of jobs to support my dreams, and my support system has been crucial in me pursuing all that I am. I am so so so thankful for my family and friends who are the most understanding and supportive group of encouragers I have ever encountered. Sometimes life looks a little different than your average university student for me, between travelling, recording, and just running my own business, and most people in my life have been there every step of the way. However, pursuing this full time and giving everything I have to my career has caused some people in my life to not understand and choose to not support, but I make sure to focus on the people who have been there for me through thick and thin.

6. LH I love the video for the track “Shotgun” from the album! What can you tell me about it? It looks like you had a lot of fun!
CL Thank you so much! I am so proud of the “Shotgun” music video and so grateful that I got the chance to have such a huge hand in concepting and producing it. We shot the video in a few locations around beautiful British Columbia, and I got to work with the incredibly talented Martin Michael who did such an amazing job directing the video. I really wanted this video to encapsulate the feeling I had when I first wrote it; I actually wrote this song driving home one day, and I think it has this kind of carefree spirit to it that we wanted to visualise. It’s a song that I can see being blared as you’re driving down the road with the windows down, and so I was so happy when Martin and my amazing co-star, Evan Werk (who is also my guitar player), ran with this idea! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

7.LH I know you’ve recently been in Nashville for the first time combining sightseeing with both recording and performing! Can you sum up in a few sentences what that experience was like?
CL Oh my goodness, Nashville has been one of the highlights of my career so far. I went down for the week to record my new single which is coming out soon, as well as play a show at The Local Nashville! I had the incredible opportunity to work with producer Gasoline and record at Sound Stage Studios which was just a dream come true. I am definitely seeing a lot more Nashville in my future! It’s truly the heart of country music, so it was a magical experience to get to do what I love in a city that loves it as much as I do. I can’t wait to share this new music with you!

8. LH And when can we expect to hear new music from you?
CL Within the next few months you are going to start hearing some new stuff! I am currently working extremely hard at finishing up writing new material, and my team is working so hard behind the scenes to make this next project the absolute best it can be. I promise it’s going to be worth the wait!

9. LH OK a quick fire round now of bucket list questions…
Your dream venue to perform at? Madison Square Garden!
Your dream co-writer? Kacey Musgraves!
Your dream duet partner? Dan + Shay!
Your dream artist to open for? Dolly Parton
LH Combining all that at the same time would be pretty amazing!

10. LH Finally, what are your plans for the upcoming holiday season and going into 2020?
CL My plans for the next few months are to keep working hard to finalise this new project for the new year! I will be playing some Christmas shows in November and December, and then promotion will start for the new single. I’m hoping to head back down to Nashville as well and continue to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way!
LH Thank you so much for taking the time out of your crazy busy life to answer my questions! It sounds like these’s a lot for you and your fans to look forwards to… please keep us updated here at Belles and Gals!

Meanwhile you can stay in touch with all Cambree’s news at where you’ll also find links to all her socials.

Interview Conducted by Lesley Hastings (

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