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Scotland’s Kerri Watt is an artist we have featured several times on the site, including interviewing her after her performances at 2018’s C2C when she told us that her next priority was to get an album out into the world, having released several stand alone singles in recent years. And that is exactly what she has been busy doing, the great news being that it will be released on Cooking Vinyl in the Spring with the album’s second single “Chasing Aeroplanes” (premiered recently by Bob Harris on his BBC R2 country show) out now, the follow up to “Cut Me Loose” which she put out a few months ago and performed at this year’s Cambridge Folk Festival.

Although Kerri’s musical influences and passion are strongly rooted in the country scene, she has already shown that she is more than happy to experiment musically and creatively, collaborating with indie-rock band Embrace on their song “Never” before going on to release her own solo version (which was incidentally recorded before the duet!) and the new single definitely shows her continuing to explore her rock side. It was recorded in Austin, where Kerri has been working with Grammy-nominated metal and rock producer Machine and while the two may sit at opposite ends of the musical scale their artistry is very much compatible. To quote Kerri, “When I first heard that Machine might be interested in doing the record, I was pretty excited to be honest. I loved the idea of joining forces with someone from a totally different genre to bring something unique to the sound. Machine and I spoke at length about the sound of the album, influences, bands/playlists/moods we liked and found we had a lot in common.”

Lyrically the song tackles issues that almost every young adult will face when weighing up the pros and cons of growing up and starting a family, with Kerri saying “Chasing Aeroplanes is a stream of consciousness about my future and a conversation I’ve had with many girl friends about having kids, and the next stage of life. Do I have to have everything figured out first? What about my independence, my career? I’m sure I want to have a family one day, but until then I’m loving being young and free.

And Kerri seems pretty happy and excited about the upcoming album, too… “I was absolutely buzzing with the final result. It perfectly encapsulated the 5 weeks Machine and I spent experimenting and creating magic at his studio with some incredible Austin players!” . It will definitely be interesting to hear what these creative minds and talents have come up with.

“Chasing Aeroplanes” can be streamed here
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