Simeon Hammond Dallas “Eat” Single Review

Last Friday saw the release of “Eat”, the second single from Simeon Hammond Dallas, the London based singer/songwriter we introduced you to recently ( . I had already heard this song performed live when it really hit me hard for many reasons, Simeon telling me that evening that it was never intended to be put out into the world. But goodness, I am so glad she changed her mind for whatever reason! It’s always a brave decision to release such a personal track, this write apparently starting life as a post break-up song but soon becoming more about her relationship with food. More specifically, it focusses on how refusing to eat became an almost instinctive coping mechanism to help get her through this tough emotional time.

The complexity of eating disorders has really only come to light relatively recently and is still not totally understood, possibly never will be, it’s generally a very secretive illness which is something touched on in the first verse alongside the notions of beauty and self worth. The chorus sees her explaining the irony of her behaviour, while living in a physical body and being affected by the natural elements around her she is at the same time denying herself a natural behaviour.

The song starts out with a simple piano accompaniment which helps fully focus the listener on its important lyrical content from the start as Simeon narrates things from her own viewpoint. The contrast of fuller accompaniment comes in for the second verse and chorus before things revert to stripped back piano chords for a totally heart wrenching middle section. Towards the end there is a clever change as the voice of a second character takes over, offering comfort and understanding with their words being repeated as once again the accompaniment builds dramatically.

Simeon’s vocals are raw, emotional and stunningly beautiful throughout, I challenge anyone listening to this song not to be moved by her story and its message.

“Eat” is available to stream/download now in all the usual places, and there’s a chance to catch Simeon live in London this coming Tuesday, 3rd March, when she will be performing alongside another very talented UK artist Martha St Arthur…. more details and ticket link here

Written by Lesley Hastings (

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