Nia Nicholls’ ‘Back Up’ – Out Now!

Up and coming country artist Nia Nicholls is back with her first release of 2020, her new single ‘Back Up’. Nia had the following to say about the new track:-

I wrote this song when I was 16 and I’ve been holding onto it for quite some time until I felt I was ready to finally release it. It’s something I think every girl has gone through, when people can be incredibly mean and unkind, as that’s what happens when you’re in high school. I hope whoever is going through that currently, can use this song as their very own anthem! I’m still using it as mine, haha

This rocky and highly energetic number from Nia is in my eyes her best effort yet. Whilst I’ve definitely enjoyed previous releases from Nia, I think this track marks a notable step forward for her. It has a big anthemic feel to it where she is really utilising the full band to create a wonderfully catchy backing to couple with her vocals. This track is a foot tapper full of life right from the intro that is sure to be a hit both at gigs and outdoor festivals and she really asserts herself in it in a manner which is befitting of her growing confidence as an artist. We see a real sassy rock chick side to Nia here and it really shows her increasing maturity as not only a songwriter but a performer too. With a number of trips to Nashville and Memphis to write and record behind her, she already has an impressive background and with her work ethic is continuing to develop in all aspects as an artist. ‘Back Up’ is going to be the song that introduced Nia to a much wider audience.

Review written by Craig Brooks (

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