Sabine ‘Heart of Mine’ EP Review

Today sees the release of the second EP, ” Heart Of Mine”, from upcoming UK artist Sabine who has already been featured several times here at Belles and Gals. Her 2019 debut EP, the four track ” Intertwine” received some fantastic reviews and helped raise the profile of this Shropshire based singer/songwriter, and what we have here are more beautifully written songs centred around her personal experiences of love and heartbreak… to quote Sabine, “Although sad, they are ultimately uplifting and look to the future with positivity”, something we definitely all need right now!”
Two of the EP’s tracks have already been released as singles, the title track together with “Over” (read our thoughts here – which was also recorded acoustically for this collection.

Sabine is really developing as an artist in every respect, each time I see her perform live her confidence grows, she has been teaching herself guitar during lockdown and it is great to see a written collaboration on this EP which resulted from one of her trips to Nashville last year where she hooked up with music city’s Laura Mustard . In fact this co-write, ” Colour Will Come Back” is one of the more positive tracks here which she alluded to… this gorgeous ballad Sabine sings over its simple piano accompaniment that although she is ” lost in the darkness of broken hearts” and ” stories of rainbows fade into grey” she is still hopeful that colour will come back into her life. There are some fantastic analogies in this song which lyrically is one of my favourite of the EP, and it is a great example of the raw emotion she is able to convey with her delicate, soulful voice.
The other as yet unreleased song, the mid-tempo ” Let You Go” has much fuller instrumentation and feature some lovely vocal harmonies, it sees her looking back on a failed relationship and questioning whether she should have realised things were falling apart… perhaps she did but was in denial? ” Maybe I knew it all along… I was flying high, I couldn’t stop myself and I couldn’t find a way to let you go”.
Fans will already be familiar with the EP’s lead single “Heart of Mine” a ballad which builds beautifully from its stripped back start, a haunting track about how much easier falling in love is when you are young as you are totally unaware of it’s potential consequences…” it will break you, and it will change you but it might make you too”. The older you get the more complicated things become, broken hearts are made up of so many pieces which have been put back together again over the years and it’s tempting to put up your guard as protection, something I’m confident many of us can identify with.

This really is a beautiful collection of well crafted, relatable songs which makes for very a relaxing listen. I’d love to hear Sabine tackle a more uptempo, gutsy song at some point but until then I am loving what she has given us to date.

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Heart Of Mine Track Listing
Let You Go
Heart Of Mine
Colour Will Come Back
Over (acoustic)

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