Ashley Campbell Releases Title Track From Upcoming Album “Something Lovely“

Following on from our recent announcement about new music from Ashley Campbell and as mentioned in the article (, last Friday saw her release the title track from her upcoming album “Something Lovely” as her latest single.

Produced by Kai Welch, this gorgeous calypso style song was co-written by Ashley and Brandon Kress, an old school friend of hers from New York. She shared a bit more information about it during a recent StageIt show before of course playing the song, saying that it is possibly her favourite from the album production-wise thanks to the beautiful strings in the mix. Apparently the track’s guitar playing is shared between Ashley and her godfather Carl Jackson. Inspiration for the write came in part from the Tom Waits song “I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You”, Ashley wanting to create a mini-movie set in a bar just as Tom did. And she has definitely succeeded it doing so as I’m sure you will agree, it’s such a visual write which transports the listener and paints a wonderful picture of the unfolding scenario of two lonely people sharing some time together over a few drinks. The accompaniment unfolds in a similar way, beginning very simply with just Carl’s nylon string guitar picking and building as the song moves on, to include those gorgeous strings which Ashley loves so much. And the emotion in Ashley’s dreamy vocals is of course an integral part in all of this!

Stream the single on Spotify here
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Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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