Belles and Gals Amplify Artist ‘Caitlin Mae’ releases ‘A Candle for Christmas’

Today sees the release of ‘A Candle for Christmas’, the new festive single from Caitlin Mae. Caitlin was recently named our ‘Amplify’ artist for the winter of 2020, and it’s been fantastic to have been working with the Wales based artist for the last few weeks.

The song is one of those wonderful heartfelt Christmas tracks, where the singer laments a loss. The track is ballad-like and does a fine job of showing off the excellent vocals of Caitlin Mae, all the time revealing more and more about the subjec of the song. The moving lyrics, ‘It’s been 3 years and I pick up the phone, to hear your voice leave a message after the tone, if i could visit you in heaven’s waiting room, that’s exactly what I’d do, to ease my pain‘ give an indication of the emotion of the song.

A Candle for Christmas is both emotive and timeless and is a must add to any of your christmas lists in 2020.

One thought on “Belles and Gals Amplify Artist ‘Caitlin Mae’ releases ‘A Candle for Christmas’

  • November 13, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    A Candle for Christmas is such a beautiful song. The lyrics tell such a sad story and the music plays to the words.
    Huge congratulations, Caitlin Mae and all involved. xx

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