Get to Know Country-Pop Duo Juna N Joey

It’s a new year, and Juna N Joey are an outstanding country duo that must be on your radar. Belles and Gals sat down with the talented brother and sister for an interview.

Get to Know Juna N Joey

First, Juna N Joey share the story of how they got their start. Music has been a part of Juna’s life from a very early age. She began classical piano and vocal lessons around three or four years old. On the other hand, Joey took on many sports, including basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. He had no plans to get into music, but that all changed when he went to one of his sister’s lessons and started humming along. From that point, he decided to give music a shot.

At first, Juna N Joey formed a rock band through the School of Rock organization. They went on their rock journey for a few years before making the choice to break away and become a duo. This change also brought about a genre shift as they began to explore country-pop music.

Juna N Joey truly found their home in country-pop. Their family has country roots. Juna shares that their mom’s dad was in a country band and country music was always playing. Once they took the leap and started writing country music, they found crystal clarity. Juna says, “We noticed it was natural.” 

On the Road

Writing country-pop isn’t the only thing that comes naturally to Juna N Joey. Performing does as well. They had a fabulous experience opening for Cade Foehner on tour, which was their first tour. This was definitely a journey for them. 

“We had no idea what to expect because we’d never gone out on the road for a time period and just traveled every day to different states,” Juna says.

Joey points out how unbelievably amazing this experience was because he and his sister love being on the road: “We were just so happy to travel because our favorite thing to do is tour.”

Also, more recently, the talented country-pop duo have some amazing memories from opening for Twinnie on their UK tour. 

“It was a journey,” Joey says. He shares that the sound system during the shows was incredible. Also, it’s always fantastic when the fans are loyal, and that’s exactly how the UK fans were on the tour: “It was just really cool to, you know, go to a different country and see how it goes over there.”

Juna jumps in and talks about how some of her favorite memories come from being on the stage, performing for new faces. Also, she loved being able to travel and explore different places and cultures. This tour is something she’ll never forget: “There’s just something special about it over there, and we would love to go back very soon. And it was honestly, like, the most amazing experience ever. It was just insane.”

Also, the tour was super special because it was one of the first after lockdown in the UK. As the opening act, it was a blast for them to get everyone back into the excitement of live music.

One of the biggest lessons both Juna N Joey learned from the tour was the importance of getting enough sleep. 

“We were up and out of the door sometimes at like, 7:00-8:00 am, and we had to get up and go do soundcheck and all that stuff. So, definitely get sleep when you can,” Juna says.

Being on the road has its challenges, but Juna N Joey can’t wait to get out there and bring their music to cities all over the world when the time is right.

Appearing on America’s Most Musical Family

Juna N Joey have had so many memorable experiences, aside from being on the road. One of them is from the time they made an appearance on Nickelodeon’s America’s Most Musical Family.

“It was really cool to go to LA. We met a bunch of different artists. We met the judges; David Dobrik, Ciara, and Debbie Gibson. It was really cool to get constructive criticism from them, and it was cool because it was our first time being on national television so it was a little bit of a rush. It was an awesome time,” Joey says.

Juna adds that being able to explore LA was a lot of fun as well. Also, she says that it was nerve-racking at first, but it was a life changing experience: “At the end of the day, we were very proud of our performance and it was a great experience. And we actually had a little watch party with our friends and family.”

It was extra special getting to share the moment with loved ones when it aired, watching their performance and the interview they did. This is definitely an experience they’ll never forget.

Juna N Joey’s Single “‘Til Your Heart Breaks”

Juna N Joey share all the details about their single, “‘Til Your Heart Breaks.”

“I hope that this song can help people out because it’s a very emotional song,” Joey says.

They decided to release this song in the fall of 2021 because it’s very mellow and fit perfectly with that time of year. The song came together naturally for them.

The recording process was a wild ride. Even though they had to take all of the necessary precautions due to the pandemic, it was a recording session to remember, working with such talented musicians.


The duo share their favorite lyrics from the tear-jerking single.

Juna: “You’re never gonna fully appreciate the best love that you had ‘till it’s too late to say what you didn’t know to say.”

Joey: “Suddenly, every memory is burned in my mind.”

Both Juna N Joey feel the vulnerability this song holds will really resonate with a lot of people. Also, this song is a great indication of the music they’ll be releasing this year stylistically. 

Goals for 2022

Juna N Joey have some great goals for 2022. First, Juna shares that two of these goals are to go on some bigger tours and put out new music. Joey adds that an important goal to always remember is to celebrate. Taking the time to reflect and be in the moment is a key part of an artist’ journey. Finally, they both would love to collaborate more this year as well.

The Lessons They’ve Learned

Being in the music industry has taught the brother and sister valuable lessons.

For Juna, “practice makes perfect” is the biggest lesson she’s learned so far in the music industry. It’s so important for her to continue to perfect her craft and work hard at what she loves to do.

Joey’s first lesson is “Constantly keep writing.” It takes a lot of songs to get to the special one that’s going to be an amazing song. Also, he says to “record yourself constantly.” It’s important to be able to listen back to the music he’s creating and hear how it sounds. 

These are some incredible lessons that can be seen as pieces of advice for all of the artists out there chasing their dreams.

Belles and Gals hopes you’ve enjoyed getting to know Juna N Joey’s journey. If you’d like to learn more and keep up with the new music they’re releasing this year, head over to their website.

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