Maya Lane Releases New Single “Childish Games”

Last Friday saw London-based Maya Lane release her second single, “Childish Games”, which also happens to be the title track from her upcoming EP which is due later this Summer, more details to follow.  

Having made an incredible impact with her debut single “Still The Same” a few months back  (read more here  the 19 year old Londoner hasn’t disappointed with this follow-up, another beautifully crafted song delivered with her secure, assured and honey-velvet vocals. 
Coincidentally, it bears similarities thematically to the Ingrid Andress track “Seeing Someone Else” released on the same day, both tackle the subject of people evolving within a relationship and consequently the realisation by one of the parties involved that the time has come to move on for their own good.  
But sonically the releases couldn’t be more different, Ingrid taking what she calls a “mad professor” approach on her production while Maya’s is much more stripped back, dreamy and melancholic, drawing on the 70’s singer/songwriter style that is among her influences. 
Maya’s term of reference on this new song is a teenage friendship and in particular the struggles of transitioning from a teen to an adult… she wrote it about growing apart from a friend who despite being the same age as her was at a very different stage of their life. To quote from the wonderful lyrics, “I’m tired of all your drinking and watching you get high. Yeah we will soon be turning 18 and I’m scared of wasting time… I love you but I’ve had enough“. 
Talking about the release, which as with her debut was co-written with the song’s renown producer Jonathan Quarmby, Maya explains “‘Childish Games’ was the first song I wrote for my upcoming EP. On the day I recorded it, I remember listening to the demo over and over again, from the minute I stepped out of the studio until I got home“. She continues that it “instantly felt so personal and authentic to me, from the lyrical content to the ’70s influenced harmonies“. 
Stream/purchase “Childish Games” here
Watch out for the tracks official video, too, which is set to go live on 19th May , and which apparently features many of Maya’s best friends. 
Adept at performing either solo or within a full band, Maya is set to announce more shows soon but has already been confirmed as playing The Old Church, London on 19th May and Leicestershire’s 110 Above Festival on 12th August.  Keep up to date with all her news here Spotify | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Website
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