Maya Lane Releases Latest Single “When You Need Me”

We have featured London based Maya Lane several times  before here at Belles and Gals and for good  reason… she is an exciting new talent we are very excited about!

The 19-year-old has only so far released two singles, “Childish Games” and “Still The Same” but is already earning glowing comparisons the artists including Kacey Musgraves, early Joni Mitchell and HAIM.
Now Maya continues to match that exemplary standard of songwriting and dreamy vocals as she shares her new single ‘When You Need Me‘. It emerges as she prepares to release her debut EP in September, which includes all three new songs plus some brand new material. Listen HERE.
While the title of the new single might suggest that it’s a love song it actually speaks to a different form of unconditional love – for her younger sister. Maya has lived through those teenage challenges that her younger sister is about to face, and offers a message of support that she’ll always be there if needed.
Maya wrote ‘When You Need Me‘ with another phenomenal UK talent,  Kaity Rae,  and  It is her third collaboration with the hit-making producer Jonathan Quarmby
Maya says, “‘When You Need Me’ was one of those songs where the lyrics came so naturally, it’s like they are pouring out of you. The song encapsulates the feeling of watching someone you love grow up and the desire to shield and protect them from everything. While it has that personal side to it, the song, as I’ve played it live, it has also evolved into a metaphor for women supporting women, especially within the music industry.” 

The track’s accompanying video features both of the Lane sisters, immaculately self-styled in their own vintage dress choices. Filmed in the summer sun of Richmond Park, the video hides the younger sister’s face from shot, providing a metaphor for the themes of protection Maya is singing about.

Maya adds, “When writing ‘When You Need Me’ I instantly had a really clear vision for the music video. I wanted it to feel like a dreamy, whimsical summer’s evening. We also decided to intersperse some childhood footage to add that personal edge. I’m so grateful for my little sister (after a lot of convincing) for being in the video. Filming the video and being able to float around in  vintage dresses  under the sun in a field with her was such a dream.”

Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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