Wolf Moon’s ‘Tell Me What I Don’t Know’ Official Video – Out Now!

Today Belles and Gals are delighted to feature Wolf Moon for the first time with the video for their new single ‘Tell Me What I Don’t Know’. The song was released as a single on the 1st of July and has been quickly followed with the release of the excellent accompanying video. This cinematic release draws you in to the story, focusing on an individual who is watching her partner having an affair – the video cutting between the storyline and the band themselves lending their brilliant energy to the proceedings. Wolf Moon only adding to the dramatic feel with the drum and bass style beat and the enticing vocal harmonies of group founders Kelly Lethbridge & Jimmy Owen.

The song was written a few years ago and draws inspiration from those relationships that can become too complacent, with one of the two looking for fulfilment in somebody else.

Instrumental Inspiration Behind the Song

‘This song was written on a single walk when the songs lyrics and guitar pattern was thought of as a way to represent the desperation of the songs subject. The fast paced finger picked pattern was influenced by Lindsey Buckingham’s playing style. The guitar part was performed on a baritone guitar, to add depth and darkness, and the added use of synths creates a sense of drama. The drummer in the band added an incredible drum and bass style beat to give the track an energetic, fast paced nature to match the songs emotions; it gives momentum to the song, to resemble the anxiety and hurt a person feels when they discover that their partner is finding comfort in another person and they are unsure of whether to even confront the situation.

The vocal harmonies from both Jimmy and Kelly adds two dimensions and acts as a metaphor for the fact that either person could be in this situation and telling the story.

The song has moments of sadness, darkness and despair to represent these feelings and the songs story.’

‘Tell Me What I Don’t Know’ is the first single release ahead of Wolf Moon’s long awaited second album ‘How Do You See Yourself’ which is released in October.


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