Roisin O’Hagan releases ‘Wild and Free’

Friday saw the new release from Roisin O’Hagan, ‘Wild and Free‘. This is the third release from the UK based singer songwriter from her upcoming EP that came off the back of a trip to Nashville where she both wrote and recorded.

The song is based around those uncertain times at the start of a relationship and Roisin lends her originality to the theme, releasing an energetic and totally engaging track around the subject. On listening, you can almost imagine Roisin singing the track in an open top car, driving on a highway through desert terrain, keeping in with the excellent artwork.


I wrote ‘Wild & Free’ with the aim of capturing the feelings and fears that come in the early stages of newfound romance, and the moment that you ultimately make the decision to dive into the deep end. When you find yourself in the wake of something new, but others have opinions on it, you have to make a choice; to let other people’s outside noise hold you back from something that could be amazing, or to put yourself first and go for it.

Life and love do not go in straight, simple, predetermined lines. There will always be someone that has something to say about what you choose to do and who you choose to love. I wanted ‘Wild & Free’ to resemble the acknowledgement of people’s attempts to dictate your actions with their opinions and the ultimate choice you make to throw caution to the wind, because what you are experiencing is worth every bit of the risk.

After the releases of Sunset Valley and Road from Nevada in 2022, the EP is shaping up to be an incredible body of work!

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