Wolf Moon release ‘How Do You See Yourself’ Album

Today we’re delighted to feature the wonderful Wolf Moon again. with their second album How Do You See Yourself. Wolf Moon were founded by Kelly Lethbridge & Jimmy Owen and offer an enticing mix of blues, folk and Americana, with a dash of an 80’s vibe that brings Fleetwood Mac to mind.

The album opens with the sumptuous Variations on a Feeling, a bluesy and mellow opener featuring a wonderful and expansive instrumental in the middle that complements the dual vocals of the band founders. The second track is Tell Me What I Don’t Know, with a great drum and bass style beat and incredible vocal harmonies, a song that draws inspiration draws inspiration from those relationships that can become too complacent.

Frozen Love is a great cover and an homage to the Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks original, bringing that great Wolf Moon energy to bear on the song, followed by the searing Give Me Love that brings to mind an 80’s movie soundtrack, a perfect windows down in the car song.

A gentler vibe opens Love in the Sun, a song that highlights the folk influences of Wolf Moon, a gorgeous song that has a feel good factor written all over it – this track with something of a 60’s/Woodstock feel with an added modern touch. I particularly look forward to hearing this track live, you can certainly imagine the whole audience clapping and singing along to the timeless chorus. Just to Hear it Back is next up, and transports you to the seventies – Steely Dan influences certainly coming through in this engaging and endearing track.

Hold On is another track that brings to mind Fleetwood Mac, a break up song where Kelly’s vocals come to the fore and transport you away to a conversation between two lovers. Colours I Dream In is the eighth song of the album, a unique and enticing song that has a softer, pastel feel with a dreamy quality.

Smiled At By You is a touching love song led by Jimmy Owen, telling his significant other how much she means to him. ‘Baby I wish you knew, that when I’m smiled at by you, you make all my blues fade away to another day‘ – a gorgeous line that tells a story in itself. The last track is Very Best Version of Me, Kelly’s searing vocals bringing the album to a magnificent climax.

How Do You See Yourself is a wonderful album with a timeless feel. In listening you are transported through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – this is a vinyl album in the truest sense, yet still maintains a modern vibe that brings it all together. How Do You See Yourself is clever throughout and is one of those releases that you will learn to love more and more with each listen.

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