Introducing Kiera Gabrielle

I absolutely love it when I unexpectedly come across a “new to me” artist, and that’s exactly what happened recently at a local open mic. Even a very short, two song set due to time limitations was enough to convince me that Oxfordshire – based Kiera Gabrielle was a very special talent, her beautiful vocals combining with accomplished acoustic guitar playing and songwriting. A slowed down and dreamy cover of Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark” was followed by an attacking, almost vitriolic original entitled “Scorpio Guy” which had been released as a single the previous week and I knew right then that I wanted to find out more about her musical journey and introduce her to our followers here at Belles and Gals!

I hope you enjoy reading my interview and exploring her music!

1. LH. Thanks so much for your time, Kiera, I know you’re busy In the studio working on new music which is exciting to hear.
Do you come from a musical family, when did you begin to sing, play and write, did you have formal music lessons, that type of thing!

KG My family are very much into music and I grew up in a loud household with music almost always being played. However, myself and my brother are the only musicians. I’ve always been a singer for as long as I can remember, so that’s something that just came naturally to me, then in my early teens I picked up a guitar and taught myself to play. That’s when I began writing songs and performing them live.

2. LH Did any particular artists influence or inspire you back then and why… and are there any who do so right now?

KG I grew up listening to Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus and Paramore, but I also remember being so obsessed with the lyrical content in Dolly Parton songs; from a young age I’d learn every word and unintentionally listen to the deeper meaning behind what had been written.
I’ve always loved female singer – songwriters who also had their own quirky style that made them stand out from other artists. My ginger hair has made me feel different to others in the past but artists like Hayley Williams of Paramore really helped me see it as an asset and an image as opposed to something I’d need to change.
I’d have to say that my inspirations still remain the same now, but I also love Taylor Swift and Julia Michaels songwriting. Julias most recent album ‘Not in Chronological Order‘ is my idea of perfect pop.

3. LH “Scorpio Guy” is your third single, and follows on from two much more reflective ballads. There’s a lot of girl power in its lyrics which the track’s driving beat and the attitude in your vocal delivery compliment perfectly. Is that the vibe you had in mind for this song from the outset?

KG “Scorpio Guy” is definitely the angriest song I have ever written. My Ex phoned me up to say it was over and the minute we ended the call I remember being in a state of grace and shock and just thinking “didn’t need you anyway” Obviously, nothing had sunk in yet and the heart break soon followed but in those few moments “Scorpio Guy” was written.
This song was always an audience favourite when performed live, so when it came to recording I didn’t want to lose the story telling or live feel of the track. I also knew I wanted my brother to start featuring on my songs, he’s a really talented drummer so getting him involved was super exciting for me. We recorded it at Black Frog Studios so it was very different to my usual way of working.

4. LH Do you have a typical songwriting process or is every song different? How did this one take shape?

KG All my songs are based on real life experiences of mine, I like to be honest with myself and tell my truth through them. I use songwriting as my own way of processing emotions or coming to terms with what or why I’m feeling a certain way.
I find it really hard to explain how I write songs though, as most of the time they just write themselves. My favourite places to write are definitely while driving, in the shower, or sat on my bed with my acoustic guitar. The latter tends to create more ballad style songs where as the shower or in the car tends to create more up beat pop songs as I’m free to go outside the acoustic box and for the melody to go wherever it wants too.

5. LH All three of your singles to date have been about “love gone wrong” and I gather were inspired by real life events. Does songwriting act as therapy to you in these situations?

KG I love to call my songs “boys who did me wrong songs” however I do have the odd happy love song about a few of the nice boys. It was only last year that it dawned on me that songwriting isn’t something most people do. I think I’ve always been in my own writing bubble, using lyrics and story telling as way of therapy to get through and process strong emotions. But I genuinely don’t know how i’d survive without music and it’s ability to connect.

6.LH Although you write from a personal perspective your songs are also very relatable to many I’m sure…is that reflected in the feedback you receive regarding your music?

KG Yes it definitely is. I knew “Scorpio Guy” had to be my next single just from the audience reaction and feedback I got when performed live. A breakup is so much easier when there’s someone to hate so having a song to channel that really helps the healing process and with it being up beat with a positive self love, I don’t need you spin on it, can be really empowering for listeners.
Drunk Text” remains a favourite to many as well, as we have all texted that one person we shouldn’t when drunk. It also doesn’t focus on the negatives, its just acknowledging the connection you once had with someone and how things may have shifted but still feeling that connection six months down the line, Which most people have also gone through.

7. LH As well as writing you’ve been involved in the production side of your singles in the past and put together lyric videos for them too. And as an independent artist to have to do all the promotion yourself too: what side of the creative process do you enjoy the most …and the least!

KG I love being involved in ever aspect of creating my music. I find producing my work a challenge as i’m such a perfectionist I end up spending back to back days, weeks, months just correcting finer details, so it can be very tedious. But my favourite parts have to be the songwriting itself and the pride I get when stepping back and looking at the lyrics on a page and thinking “Oh so that’s why I was feeling that way” and I also love editing visuals and lyric videos for my music, that’s when It feels like the track is ready to release.

8. LH How’s the rest of your 2023 shaping up musically? Are you planning any more releases, or maybe playing any gigs or festivals you’ll like to tell us about?

KG I keep telling myself 2023 is the year for me, so I’m going to manifest it and make it happen. I’m currently in the studio three days a week, working on my next singles. I’m self producing these though so it takes a little longer but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.
I do have a lot of festivals and gigs lined up for this year, most I’ve been told I can’t announce yet though so the best way to keep up to date with where you can find me is on my social media.

9. LH A round of “quick fire” questions to finish with…
Your most compatible zodiac sign when it comes to relationships….I assume it’s not Scorpio!
KG I’m an Aquarius so I’m most compatible with Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius.

Your career highlight to date?
KG Getting “Drunk Text” and “Scorpio Guy” played on BBC Introducing Oxford

Your bucket list venue to play?
KG A headline show at an O2 Academy, I performed as support before but I’d love to sell out a venue that size.

Dream duet partner?
KG Miley Cyrus

Dream co-writer?
KG Julia Michaels

As Kiera mentioned, the best way to keep up to date with all her news is via her socials…here’s the links you’ll need.





Interview conducted by Lesley Hastings (

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