Kelsey Bovey ‘Magnetic’ Video Premiere

We’re delighted to be featuring the video premiere of ‘Magnetic’ from Bristol-based Kelsey Bovey.

The premiere coincides with the release day of the song, a track that has caused a big ripple in the charts, leaping into number 2 on the UK Country iTunes chart, as well as hitting the top 70 of the all-genre chart.

Here’s what Kelsey herself has to say about the track:

“Magnetic is a spontaneous love song that I feel everyone has experienced once in their life and sharing the reasons behind your feelings for that someone special. This came from a place of uncertainty when you start a relationship and you find the person that is right for you but scared of falling in too deep because you’ve been hurt before”.

Watch out tomorrow for the live stream below on Belles and Gals instagram –

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