Shannon Hynes’ ‘Country Words’ Out Today!


‘Country Words’ the new single from Shannon Hynes is out today. If you’d seen Shannon play live in the last few months, you’d have heard this fantastic track and the great reaction some of the more sassy lyrics receive. Lines such as ‘Maybe she’s going through the change, her husbands not fulfilling her‘ always receive a smile from the audience (it’s great to see other artists reaction too when Shannon plays an in-the-round gig such as our showcase which she hosts).

Shannon Hynes:

‘Country Words’ is a no frills, exactly what it says on the tin, song. I was having trouble with someone I was working with at the time, myself not generally being a forthright person when it comes to situations such as this, I turned to songwriting. It got me thinking back to some of the classic, incredibly strong, sassy songs that the likes of Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn released back in the day, most notably and a favourite of mine ‘Fist City’.

‘Country Words’ is my take.

It was only a couple of years ago that Shannon was releasing her first single, and it’s been amazing to see the progress of the London-based Welsh artist. ‘Country Words’ is another leap up the ladder for an artist who is quickly becoming a leading light in UK Country!

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