Thomas Kavanagh & Kirstie Kraus’s ‘Who Am I Gonna Love’ – Out Today!


Belles and Gals is a company based in the UK, who historically have focused on presenting a great mix of international artists and home grown talent. However it’s unusual when those two areas come together. Today, however they do, as ‘Who Am I Gonna Love’, the new single from British Thomas Kavanagh and US artist Kirstie Kraus is now out!

The song was written by Thomas Kavanagh and country artist Krystal King while Thomas was visiting Nashville. The song originally came to life when the pair sat outside by a tree in music city, and was later recorded as a work tape in Krystal’s car outside the Listening Room Cafe (if you’re a country fan like me, you’ll be loving this story already!). Krystal then sent the song to her best friend Kirstie Kraus and Kirstie loved it and decided she wanted to be part of it!

Kirstie Kraus – ‘This single is dedicated to all our single friends out there who can relate and for those who just love a good love song!

Who Am I Gonna Love opens with a piano intro before Thomas, who will be appearing at the Country 2 Country Music Festival this year, launches into the lead vocals, setting the scene of the song perfectly. It’s when both Thomas and Kirstie pair up on vocals in the lead up to the chorus that the true power of the song takes shape – there’s something special about that transatlantic male/female mix complementing each other’s voices that has you totally engaged. It’s almost like the two vocalists are representing all those that the song is dedicated to – asking the question in the title, wondering when/if/how the magic will happen, asking ‘Whose going to be the first, to take me at my worst‘. Kirstie takes the lead for the second verse, showing off the vocal power that is so evident in her debut album ‘Yes You Can‘. The middle eight of the song is especially good – bringing the tone down while intensifying the emotion, before launching back into the chorus – one of those choruses that stays in your head long after you’ve listened. 

The artwork (above) is a perfect representation of the song, with the two artists both looking forlornly into the distance, wondering who is out there.

Who Am I Gonna Love is a heartfelt song with a fantastic energy to it, with two voices entwined to create a perfect snapshot of emotion and longing. A fantastic February release.

Review written by Nick Cantwell (

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