Interview with Kaylee Rutland

Today is a big day for Kaylee Rutland as it sees the release of her new single ‘Pick Me Up’ – and  as you can see from the YouTube audio clip below, it is just fantastic. We were lucky enough to catch up with Kaylee a couple of weeks ago, when she revealed the news about the single and told us all about her career!

Hi Kaylee, Thanks so much for agreeing to an interview with us at Belles and Gals. We hear there is some pretty big news coming up about your new music! 

Yes, I’m so excited to release my new song, “Pick Me Up”.  It will be out on November 18th. 

Is there anything you can share with us about the release? 

“Pick Me Up” is a song that came out of just wanting to be free and do something fun after a long, crazy week. And there’s that one special person that you want to escape with who can really pick you up.

How exciting is it to be on the verge of a new release? I imagine you can’t wait to get your new music out there?

 It’s actually so great.  Getting to share a new song is like sharing a little piece of myself, and I’m hopeful that it brings everyone the same fired up, free spirit feeling that it leaves me with every time I sing it.

You’ve been named one of “Billboard Magazines 10 Country Artists to Watch”. That must have been pretty special? 

It was an amazing surprise and really such an honor for me to be recognized by Billboard Magazine.  I’m humbled to be in the company of artists like Dan & Shay and Lucy Hale on this list.

Following you on social media is a lot of fun, especially when you regularly post those brilliant cover videos. It seems that you never stop singing! If you had to choose just one cover to play at a concert, which one would it be? 

Thank you! I really do enjoy singing along and learning to play great songs by other artists.  One of my favorite cover songs to perform live is “Cowboy Casanova” by Carrie Underwood.  I love the energy and upbeat sassiness in this song right from the beginning.  It’s a fun song to get the crowd fired up and singing along.

So what was it that got you started on the road to performing country music? 

Growing up listening to great country music I was really touched by the stories and messages in the songs.  I loved watching and listening to artists who really made this genre a family and shared a strong sense of togetherness and patriotism.  I really wanted to be a part of that. 

And which artists would you say have influenced you the most? 

There are actually so many I’ve been inspired by and learned from and a few that definitely have had a huge impact on me from early on.  First, Reba, she’s an amazing, iconic, genuine and talented entertainer – I have such admiration for her.  And, Carrie Underwood being so open about her faith is inspiring.  She’s beautiful inside and out, I’m a forever fan.  Then, Sara Evans who really was one of my first inspirations into country music with “Born to Fly”, I dreamed of being just like her and was so moved by that song.

You were bought up in Flower Mound, Texas. What is it about Texas that produces such great country musicians? 

I think Texans have so much in common with what I see as the heart and soul of country music.  The strong sense of family, loyalty, patriotism and pride, but still appreciating humility.  Country music having southern roots is a connection also.  Texas loves country music!

You have a strong faith. How does this help you in your music career? 

My faith is the driving force behind everything I do. For me, it provides the encouragement to not give up and to trust that there’s someone greater than me in control of all things.  It reminds me to persevere when times are tough and keep my head up.  Most importantly though, it’s taught me compassion and love for everyone and that making a difference for someone else is more rewarding than doing something for yourself.  It keeps me grounded and inspired through every song I write.

If you could gaze ten years into the future, where would you like to see yourself in terms of music? 

I really love this so much and I hope you will see me touring, singing on the Grand Ole Opry stage, and at the CMA’s.  It’s my dream to be able to contribute something great to country music and to the people who love it. 

Thank you so much for the interview!

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