Gasoline and Matches release ‘Fool’s Gold’ today!

Fans of UK country will certainly know all about ‘Gasoline and Matches’, a duo who have created a real buzz in recent months. Appearances at both Buckle and Boots and FSA Fest saw their stock rise, and their year ended with a nomination for ‘Duo of the Year’ at the 2017 BCMA Awards – some accomplishment for a duo yet to release a song!

Gasoline and Matches are formed of Sally Rea Morris and Steve Marks, who met initially through their love of country music. Soon after their meeting, Sally moved to the US, which placed the venture on hold, but the duo would reconnect and here they are! ‘Fool’s Gold’ is an excellent debut single – the song has a great energy, while Sally Rea’s lead vocals are outstanding with fine harmonies between the two.

Sally Rea writes –

“The song is about the empowerment of following your own path. Not letting people dictate the choices you make. Never stay in one place too long; whether it’s a bad relationship or a job you hate, don’t let excuses hold you back from the things you want!” 

Download the song here! –

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