Beth Keeping’s ‘Fool’ E.P. Released Today

Beth Keeping has released her brand new E.P. ‘Fool’ today. The E.P. features five songs and readers of Belles and Gals will be familiar with featured songs ‘Dodged a Bullet’ and ‘Strangers in the Same City’, which are tracks 1 and 2 on the record. ‘Naked’, ‘No Hard Feelings’ and the title track ‘Fool’ complete the E.P. and there is little doubt that as well as being an accomplished songwriter, Beth has a voice to match. ‘Fool’ is a fantastic listen, an all-killer no filler E.P, with ‘Strangers in the City’ (below) and ‘Fool’ particular personal highlights for me, while ‘Dodged a Bullet’ is the perfect opening track.  Beth says about the record:

“I’ve spent a few years writing for other artists, so it’s very exciting to finally release my own project. We recorded it in a studio out in the mountains around Nashville – it was an incredible experience and the musicians were world-class. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the finished result.”

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