Liv Austen – Window Shopping

Today sees the release of ‘Window Shopping’ the great new single from Liv Austen. Liv is one of the most exciting talents on the UK scene and one of the most featured artists ever on Belles and Gals (and one of a small handful of artists who have won a ‘Belles and Gals’ award in each of the first two years.)

Window Shopping sees Liv at her very best in this co-write with Kaity Rae. The song is incredibly catchy, and much like Liv’s recent singles ‘Don’t Regret a Single One’ and ‘The Next Time’, this song will stick in your head. The idea of the track is that life today can make looking for love a superficial experience based on just photos, where real connections can get lost. Lyrics such as “I got to try you on, wear you out all night long, don’t care if you’re fit, just if we fit‘ tell the story of the song.

Window Shopping is out now- for more info check out



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