Introducing Sarah Peacock

I admit to being totally unaware of this Georgia  born artist (now a Nashville resident) until a friend contacted me recently suggesting she was worthy of an article for Belles and Gals, and wow I’m so glad she did!
Sarah’s rocky career road to date and her tenacity alone make incredible reading, and then of course there’s her unique sound that fuses together elements of  Country/rock and roll/ blues and Americana into her own badass style. Lyrically and sonically she’s not for the faint hearted !

Trapped in a record deal aged 21 that resulted in several years of living in her car ( accompanied by her dog!) and playing dive bars, an anonymous fan came to the rescue and bought her out of her contract in 2011.
Six albums and multiple awards later, things came crashing down again in 2015 when her producer and entire team deserted her without explanation, so it was back out on the road solo again, which inspired her next album appropriately named “Dream On”! Yet again disaster struck when  her tour bus burned to the ground, a fan fundraiser coming to the rescue to keep her on the road.
I told you she was tenacious didn’t I?
Now signed with In Tune Entertainment and American Roots Records and with sponsors who include Taylor Guitars, she released a 5 track EP “Hot Sheet Motel” on 27th July  which is described as being a collection of songs that “reveal the secrets of one woman’s journey through the shadows”. A journey I’m sure many would have given up on long ago!
As Sarah says, “I owe a debt of gratitude to my fans who have gone to insurmountable lengths to ensure that I did not give up on my music career. You have supported me in incredible ways that still leave me breathless. This record is for you, I hope you love this record”

There’ll be an official video from the EP out soon which we’ll bring you, but here’s a live acoustic version of the track “Through” recorded at Nashville ‘s WSMV News 4 earlier this month. Apparently it’s becoming a fan favourite at her shows and was written in just 15 minutes! It’s about dealing with problems and moving on, because if you don’t then the issue will keep coming back to haunt you. Something Sarah definitely has first hand experience of!

Sarah has some European tour dates scheduled in November after a stateside run and hopes to add some UK shows, there’ll be an interview with her here nearer the time but of course her website has all the info you need and includes links to all her socials.
Article written by Lesley Hastings (

2 thoughts on “Introducing Sarah Peacock

  • August 21, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    Awesome Lesley. It’s time the U.K. heard of Sarah, her music is great! ?

  • August 21, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Sarah is a huge talent and my darlin friend! You will be blessed if you get to see her live show!

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