Cheley Tackett “Randall”

Although not a name you may be familiar with, Randall Clay was both renowned and respected as a songwriter and performer in the country music community. 
Originally from Florida,  he was most recently  living on the outskirts of Nashville but concern was raised early this October when he went missing back in his home state. Friends and family were unable to contact him and their worst fears were realised when tragically his body was found. 
It is ironic that Randall’s music has received what is possibly its widest recognition this year, as he co-wrote three of the tracks on Ashley McBryde’s  Grammy Nominated album “Girl Going Nowhere” .

A fundraiser to help his family with transportation and funeral costs and an evening to celebrate his music in Nashville earlier this month demonstrated how much he was loved by so many, and what a tragic loss his early passing is, both personally and professionally. 

Another long time friend and musical collaborator of both Randall’s and Ashley’s is Nashville based artist Cheley Tackett, and yesterday she shared this song she wrote as a tribute to the man and his music. Saying on FB that she doubts she will ever be able to perform it live and apologising for the fact she had a cold while recording this acoustic version, I am sure it will not only resonate with those who knew Randall but with many who have lost a loved one especially at this time of year. “ I tried to write a song that might do you proud” she sings…I’m sure she has more than succeeded. 

Article written by Lesley Hastings (
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