Thompson Square Release Debut UK Single

After a hugely successful recording career ( which so far includes their debut album going gold, receiving two Grammy nominations and winning “ Duo of the Year” at both the CMA and ACM awards) Nashville-based husband and wife duo Thompson Square took a break to concentrate on raising their son, returning to the spotlight last year with third album “Masterpiece”. Produced by Nathan Chapman ( Taylor Swift) and Dann Huff ( Keith Urban) and released independently, the acclaim it received from both fans and critics proved that the pair still have what it takes in this ever changing industry.
Last week saw the release of their official debut UK single, the title track to the album, which is a song directly inspired by their three year old son Cooper, with the couple ( Keifer and Shawna Thomson ) saying that the album is “ the most representative collection of songs we’ve ever had ” and more specifically of the single that “ this kid has changed everything for us and becoming parents has been the greatest, most inspiring thing we’ve ever done”. Written solely by Keifer, he says he woke up one day with the title in his head, and thinking about his life with his Shawna and Cooper thought “If I died today that’s my masterpiece, my love for my wife and this wonderful little boy” .
And what a beautiful ballad he came up with, too……Keifer takes lead vocals for the first verse until Shawna joins him to harmonise on the rest of the track, the chorus telling their son how he is their masterpiece just as much as Beethoven’s symphonies were to him and Shakespeare’s plays were to the bard, among other notable comparisons.
There’s a wonderful video to accompany “Masterpiece” which includes shots from key family moments interspersed with a live performance of the song.

For more details about the duo and links to their socials check out
“Masterpiece” (both album and single) can be streamed and downloaded wherever you usually access your music!

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