1 year of Belles and Gals

Belles and Gals has grown over the last three years from a single person project into a fantastic team of enthusiastic country music fans who are all completely committed to making the industry a fairer place. Today we’ve invited Emily Weall to tell the enjoyable story of how she became a member of the Belles and Gals team – she also looks back on the last year. It all started with a tweet…

So yesterday, Sunday, marked 1 year of me sending out this tweet:

(Editor note – in true fairy tale fashion, Belles and Gals reached out to Emily, and within just a couple of days, Emily was indeed our newest team member!)

And so today pretty much makes a year of me being part of the Belles and Gals team!

It has been an amazing year, and I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing people, both members of the team who I absolutely love, and some amazing female artists that I’ve loved for so long!

I’ve interviewed Sarah Darling, reviewed Catherine McGrath’s headline gig in Brighton and joined in with so many ‘in the round’ reviews, which is now my favourite way to review albums!!

But I think the best part of the whole year has to be joining a team of like-minded people, who all love the same music, and absolutely know how to have a good laugh, and don’t mind it *too much* when I’m having a very slightly tipsy rant about the industry, or when I’ve had a crap day at work they are always there to help me out.

And they can get on my level and plot a hypothetical revenge… just saying!

Here’s to many more years of gigs, reviews and drunken rants about not giving a damn if we step up and shout out about the inequality of the industry!!


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