Emily Frith’s New Single Is ‘Out’ Tomorrow!

Essex singer-songwriter Emily Frith is releasing a brand-new single at midnight. I had the pleasure of listening to the track today before it hits all streaming platforms!

The 20-year-old has been experimental with her sound since her debut EP One Day. I’ve loved hearing elements of rock and pop fused with country in her more recent singles. Emily has proved that her voice can adapt to a multitude of genres and does this effortlessly.

Her upcoming release, Out, introduces us to a more-vulnerable side of her growing discography. With just a piano accompanying her, Emily’s vocals are emotive and breathtaking. The instrumental builds and falls in sync with the chorus. Although it’s very stripped-back, it’s clear that a lot of time and thought has gone into the production!

The lyrics are gorgeous, demonstrating the ability of a talented songwriter. The ballad is a story of longing for adventure and in the process finding someone you want to adventure with. “If life’s an adventure, I wanna go with you // If you’ve got your worries, I’ve got mine too // As long as we’re together, we’ll figure it out // If life’s an adventure, let’s go, go, go out.” This will strike a chord with anyone who has ambitions to travel or has travelled and as a result grown as a person.

Listening to Out, I found myself relating to it – feeling grateful that I’ve personally had opportunities to travel with family and friends. It’s very retrospective and at the same time paints a positive picture for the future. I’m sure that so many people will be able to resonate with the message.

I asked Emily for her own explanation of the track, and this is what she had to say: “This song was written at a time when everything about my life was about to change.

“I had moved away from home to study something that I may pursue for the rest of my life, and everything just felt so new and daunting. When moments like this occur, I feel as if you get a surge of emotion that makes you want to run away from it all and hide for a bit; at least until you feel like yourself again. I guess whilst these changes were happening, I also felt very alone.

“I’ve never found it easy to ‘fit in’ with new people, and make new friends, but sometimes you do find that one person that you’re excited and happy to be around, and you finally feel like yourself again.

“Life is short, so it’s important to get out and experience everything with the people you truly and honestly love, because then no matter where you are in the world, or what you’re doing, you’re home.”

Going back to the message of painting a bright picture for the future – I think this song will do just that for Emily. The single showcases her maturity as an artist; I look forward to seeing her music grow even further.

Out will be available on all well-known streaming platforms at midnight tonight.


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