The Truth Behind the Song #16 – LJ’s ‘Scarecrow’

Welcome to our ‘The Truth Behind the Song’ feature. For this feature, we’ve asked a number of our favourite artists to give us in-depth piece about a song that has a special place in their heart. Today we feature the wonderful LJ, who gives us an insight into the meaning behind ‘Scarecrow’.

This was my first write with my publishing company, RED Creative. The idea came from a title that Jeremy Stover brought into the room. Kelly Archer helped pull out the emotions I was feeling after leaving my home town and moving to a new city to chase a dream. It was so cool to see my perspective and story put into a song – I knew it was special immediately.

Recording has been one of my favorite parts of my career so far. I got to go in and paint this picture for everyone. Every moment in the studio felt special and intentional. Working with my co-producers Paul DiGiovanni and Jeremy Stover has been exactly how it should be: Paul brings a steady, creative energy into the room with his belief in the
music; and Jeremy always knows exactly how to interpret and execute what I’m wanting. It’s the perfect combination!

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