Louise Parker’s ‘Story of Love’ Out Tomorrow!

After hitting the top 10 in the iTunes country charts with her previous release ‘Rear View Mirror’, Louise Parker is back with a bang for her new single ‘Story of Love’. Louise had the following to say about the story behind the song:-

“ ‘SoL’ is the love child of my Disney princess dreams and real-life happiness. I’ve always fallen in love really easily, I wear my heart on my sleeve and more often than not, that has got me into a lot of trouble. However, the further into my 20’s I get, and with the right partner, the more comfortable I am with myself. Even though I write songs, I can be a terrible communicator, so I wrote this for my partner to verbalise all the good and happiness they have bought into my life. This is our Story of Love.”

This sweet country pop tune has an instant feel good factor that pulls you in straightaway with the catchy guitar intro and I love that this catchiness and warmth doesn’t lessen at any point during the track. Louise has a really unique quality to her voice and I think it gives everything she releases a real freshness about it and helps her stand out as an artist. If you have been lucky enough to catch Louise play live before you will be well aware of her energetic and infectious personality on stage and it really shines through in ‘Story of Love’, how can you not root for somebody who radiates that much happiness doing something they’re so passionate about?

If you’re as big of a fan of the fiddle in country music as I am then you will be happy to know this track is blessed with some delightful fiddle playing which really adds to the charming feel this track has throughout. Louise’s heartfelt lyrics and the passion behind them in her vocals makes this a really endearing song and story too hear. I really do believe Louise is one of the strongest songwriters in the game and ‘Story of Love’ has most definitely strengthened that belief for me.

Here is the dowload link


Review written by Craig Brooks (twitter.com/swindonforever)

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