REVIEW: Helena Mace’s ‘Runaround’ Single

Multi-genre crossover and multi-award-winning singer/songwriter Helena Mace is back with her brand new single ‘Runaround’. The track starts off with a gorgeous folk-infused instrumental before the haunting, softly lilting vocals of Mace hits and overlays the simple production with a stunning vocal performance that will leave listeners in awe of her tone and range.

Lyrically, the song centers on a lying partner that cast a spell and pulled her into a false pretense of a safe relationship and now continues to give the “runaround” instead of opening up and being truthful. It is a subject matter that will no doubt resonate with fans worldwide. Surely we’ve all been in that place at some point in our lives. Just wanting to know exactly where we stand rather than have somebody play games with your heart.

Helena Mace is an incredible songwriter who effortlessly weaves a story throughout her tracks and with ‘Runaround’ she has perfectly brought this story to life and paints an almost cinematic vibe throughout the clever lyrics.

Not only does Mace’s soaring vocal have an evocative effect across the melodic backdrop she also easily brings the whole vibe to life thanks to her sweetly weaved lyrical tales that perfectly paint the picture of somebody desperately wanting to be wanted by that special someone, and she does it all without ever sounding needy.

‘Runaround’ opens with the line “it’s 6’oclock in the morning and it’s a brand new day, the same old lines you’re calling” and with that Mace sets the tone for what is to come. Country music is synonymous with heartbreak and tales of woe and with this release, the impressive country/pop performer situates herself delightfully in that realm thanks to the soft lyrics about feeling lost and unloved whilst just simply wanting to be needed by their lover.

The verses with lines such as “I wish I hadn’t listened to your lies” allows us an insight into the hurting Helena feels whilst offering listeners hope that the story will turn out well in the end when she finds the strength to leave the relationship in the past. The soaring chorus which features the lyrics “I’m going around so fast, my feet don’t touch the ground” meanwhile gives us a taste of the dizziness and rush of feelings that appear when her lover cancels once again.

In her time, Helena Mace has won countless esteemed awards such as  Global Artist of the Year and Song of the Year in Canada and she was also nominated for A Josie Music Award in Nashville, and with ‘Runaround’ we can expect the singer to pick up a whole host more country nods and awards such is the hugely impressive quality of the lyrical storytelling, vocal performance, and production.

‘Runaround’ is a stunning piece of country crossover music that will delight fans new and old alike. It’s relatable and thought-provoking in equal measure and gives a real insight into the type of wonderful artist Helena Mace is. This has the potential to become a global smash.

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