Belles and Gals to Sponsor ‘Country Music – The Inside Track’ Podcast

In April this year, a fantastic new UK based country music podcast was launched online. ‘Country Music – The Inside Track’ is a regular podcast which features interviews with key figures on the country scene. In the 17 episodes so far there have been interviews with artists such as Katy Hurt, Louise Parker, Lisa Redford, ZoeeMáiréad and Two Ways Home. Host Samantha Melrose also interviews figures who play influential roles in UK country such as the organisers of Millport Country Music Festival and the British Country Music Festival, and the management behind leading websites such as Countryline and Belles and Gals itself.

The podcast is 17 episodes in and it’s clear that Samantha is creating something very special – a fantastic listen with a real focus on the UK scene. It’s with great delight that we’re able to announce that Belles and Gals will be sponsoring the podcast going forward. Samantha, who also recently joined the Belles and Gals team as our ‘Communications Director’, states this about the podcast:

I started this podcast to help give exposure to not only U.K. country artists but also to show just how many events there are in the U.K. and how many companies are backing this progression. There are so many passionate people behind the scenes that I hope this podcast is ensuring they are getting the recognition they deserve and hopefully, more people are becoming aware of the growing UK scene.

You can listen to all of the episodes here (or search ‘country music the inside track’ on your favourite podcast app):


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