Louise Parker’s ‘I’m Moving to Nashville’ Out Tomorrow!

2019 was a notable year for Louise Parker with back to back top 10 singles in the UK iTunes country chart. With an impressive resume of radio stations having played her tracks and a number of festival appearances behind her we’ve seen Louise gain a real foothold in the UK country scene. After an impressive year for her it only feels right to round it off with her great new single, ‘I’m Moving to Nashville’. Louise had the following to say about the new track:-

“Based on a true story, ‘I’m Moving to Nashville’ is split in to three perspectives: the beginning is prior to moving, the middle is during my time there and the end is looking to the future after Nashville. I was so certain that my career was going to take off in Nashville; I had friends and promoters encourage me to make the move who all seemed to disappear as soon as I arrived. It was an incredibly lonely and isolating time and I had an epiphany that maybe my future wasn’t in Nashville, the neon lights of Downtown weren’t all they were cracked up to be and the opportunities I thought were available were just a fantasy.

But at the end of the day, as I say in the single, I moved to Nashville! I was brave and afforded myself the opportunity which helped me grow as an artist, make new friends and write new songs.
Even though it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to I still adore Nashville and when asked if I’d move back? Never say never!”

The singles released this year have really showcased a style that I feel is distinct to Louise and also her depth and creativity as a writer. In my eyes ‘I’m Moving to Nashville’ is her most polished effort yet. Louise takes us on an emotive journey through her real life experience of ‘living the Nashville dream’ and how she felt coming through the other side of it. A lot of artists can write a song simply describing a situation and allowing you to picture what they have been through however the emotion in Louise’s vocals coupled with her impressive song writing ability mean you actually feel the emotion of what she’s describing as if you had lived the situation yourself. She has a wonderful ability for really connecting like that with her fans and it’s a skill that she manages to transfer over to live shows and something that is going to take her very far. As with her other releases this year her voice really blesses the track with a unique quality that always hooks you from start to finish. ‘And I’m going home with more than hopes and dreams, I know just who I am, and exactly where I need to be’ is a lyric in the later part of the song I love because it really encapsulates that even though Nashville wasn’t necessarily what she had dreamed of she was taking the lessons learnt from it and moving forward.

Every release from Louise Parker just furthers my belief that she is destined for huge things and she really deserves a heap of success with this track.

Review written by Craig Brooks (twitter.com/swindonforever)

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