Scott Nicholls – ‘On Fire’ Out Today!

Scott Nicholls is doing quite a fine job of landmark ‘firsts’ for us here at Belles and Gals. A couple of months ago, he became the first male artist to play at one of our ‘showcases’, Scott a late replacement when a member of the line up was poorly. And today he becomes the first male artist to feature on Belles and Gals since we made a commitment to feature all country artists in the UK, regardless of their sex.

‘On Fire’ is the first of three releases from Scott this year, a singer who has become a real familiar face on the UK live country music scene over the last year. In the song the London based singer deals with the break-up of his marriage and struggling to move on.

Scott Nicholls:

I was always playing music at home, and I’d played in bands when I was younger in the UK but had never written my own stuff. I had met a girl, moved to the US and started a family in Texas. I was a bank manager, I’d just bought a house… and when it all fell apart, I came back to the UK to heal really. For me, that was through country music.”

“All I had when I moved home were some clothes, my acoustic guitar and a library full of country songs on my phone and computer. The songs were the only thing I went home with!

As a debut single, this is a fine effort from Scott Nicholls. His emotive delivery adds fuel to the ‘fire’ of this standout track which brings a rockier edge to the country sound – it’s easy to see why he is starting to make an impact on the UK country scene. Having heard this debut, I can only look forward to what comes next from Scott.

Two hearts crashing like a wrecking ball, on fire — it’s all about that spark y’know, that first feeling all the way through to the heartbreak. It’s all a big part of it. It’s all special in its own way.

Here is Scott with ‘On Fire’ at that Showcase back in December.

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