Cross Atlantic Release Love Song “Just A Word” on Valentines Day

Hopefully most of you will have seen us give a shout out to Nashville based Cross Atlantic yesterday as part of out regular “New Music Friday” feature, when they released their latest single “Just A Word” .
UK born James Sinclair-Scott and US born Karli Chayne are an exciting duo who’s career and music we have been following for some time now and their’s is a story of love overcoming distance, the two musicians having met by chance in a coffee shop when James was visiting Nashville in 2015. Fast forward a few years, they tied the knot last September and thIs new single with it’s autobiographical lyrics inspired by the instant connection they felt when they first met continues their musical dialogue, which blends James’ British rock edge with Karli’s heritage as a country artist from the Missourian Ozarks.
Of the track, James says “We want to tell our love story but also keep talking about who we are individually because we each bring something different to Cross Atlantic… but yet still have so much in common. We think that’s something a lot of people can connect with“.
Karl adds “I realised that love was just a word before when I felt I found my best friend for life. I never felt anything like it…I always wanted to be a solo artist. I never even considered being a duo until I realised I get to do this with him. I have someone there I can trust onstage and in the writer’s room, creating music and producing music. He’s there“.
Very appropriate then that they chose Valentine’s Day to share the song with the world (it’s available to stream/download now), a lighthearted yet meaningful love song about that moment when you meet your forever person and the word “love” becomes more than just language others casually use.

Article written by Lesley Hastings (


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