Throwback Thursday – Emily Frith and ‘Better’

Welcome to a new feature on Belles and Gals, where we look back on some brilliant footage of some of our previous live shows! Today we head back to April of last year when we hosted our gig at the Shoe Factory Social Club in Norwich. The gig took place late afternoon on Mother’s Day, and it was particularly memorable for the fact that it got incredibly cold – the venue has the feel of an abandoned warehouse, and a temperature to match!

Here is Emily Frith performing her single ‘Better’, a song that had come out the previous September, and was to appear on her ‘Open Book’ EP which was released at the start of this year. We chatted to Emily about the song around release time and she said it…

means the absolute world to me, as it’s a really personal song, about topics I never used to talk about much, like bullying. I wrote the song to help myself accept and move on from the bad times of my past, but I realised that releasing the song could really help some people find the confidence to also accept and move on from the rough patches in their lives too.

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