Thank you, NHS! You Make It Better – Single Review

In amongst the many cover songs that have swamped our social media feeds to celebrate the efforts of the NHS during these covid-19 times, you may be forgiven for not yet coming across this super original song from composer Dave Turner of the Frome Music Industry Network. The track is performed by over a score of artists, singers, musicians and producers from the network, friends and in partnership with Artists4NHS.

Composer Dave Turner AKA Bluebeard (@Bluebeard99) told us “I’m pleased to say You Make It Better is well on its way to serving its dual purpose. With nearly 40k cross platform views a little positivity has been spread and we are also over halfway to our modest £2k fundraising target. Donations to help us get there would be appreciated!!”

The group includes artists from multiple genres, folk, pop, and country including Matt Owens, founder member of Noah and the Whale, Ronan McManus, lead singer of Brand New Zeroes (and Elvis Costello’s younger brother), Americana singer/songwriter Joey Clarkson and Belles and Gals very own Ambassador artist Becky Lawrence.

Becky says, “I feel truly privileged and proud to be a part of this great track, especially because it’s in aid of the NHS. I have family members who were/are nurses and carers and the work they do on a daily basis is incredible. I was approached by Hugh Webber about this project who I co-write “Now” with and I jumped at the chance because I felt a personal need to get involved with this track. It’s doing really well, and it’s been played far and wide, even back home on the Isle of Man on Manx radio! It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this and hopefully we can continue to keep spreading the sing and raise money for the NHS.

You Make it Better is quite simply a toe tapping uplifting song that pays tribute to the people putting their lives on the line to keep us safe in the global pandemic. The midtempo full band sound includes an excellent horn section including performers from HM Forces Band of the Scots Guards. The track itself cannot fail to make you smile as well as make you think back on all the hardships our community is facing at this time and how we are so dependent and thankful to those who are taking care of us.

 Collaborators and distributors have given their time and services free. Everyone says the organisation of such a feat was awesome and as you can see from the high-quality video accompanying the track, they really enjoyed performing such a great original track. The project delivered over 100 audio tracks all recorded in isolation and brought together and professionally produced to a high standard. 

Of course, to support our NHS workers what we really need to do right now is donate to the organisations that can make a difference to really looking after the physical and mental health of our NHS workers – NHS Charities Together. NHS workers who have heard the song really appreciate its message of support and value the initiatives being put in right now to help them with some of the traumatic experiences they are facing as they care for our most vulnerable.

If you haven’t yet had the chance, please do check out this awesome track and click the link below to make a donation towards the fundraising efforts.


If we ever stop the Thursday night clapping can I suggest we play this song LOUD through our windows every Thursday instead? In the meantime, you might want to share the love by adding this to your playlist, sharing it with your friends and family and anyone you know on the frontline and donating to the cause.  Congratulations to everyone in the You Make it Better crew! Thank you, NHS!

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