Becky Lawrence Releases new Single ‘You Say’

Today sees the release of ‘You Say’ from Becky Lawrence. The track is a big deal for the UK country artist, as it’s  her debut as the sole lyricist, composer, and vocalist alongside Antony Cull, who performed the accompaniment, produced, mixed, and mastered it. Until now Becky had only performed on co-writes and sung cover tracks.

This wonderful track was written in tribute to her partner. Becky Lawrence:

While practising the guitar one night, I began thinking about my partner and the six wonderful years we have had together,” Lawrence explained. “After a string of short-term and failed relationships, I’m so grateful to have enjoyed his companionship for the past few years. I hope that he is the one I spend the rest of my life with.”

Becky continued, “That evening, I reminisced about the kindness he has shown me, and the words of encouragement he has shared and continues to share… words that still bring me comfort today, years later. So, basically, I’ve joined some of the greats in writing a soppy, upbeat country/pop ballad about my love for my man, my appreciation of his kindness, and as a reminder to everybody that we can build people up with our kind words.”

Aptly, the song is released on ‘Love is Kind’ day.

Becky is one of the best vocalists on the UK country music scene, and ‘You Say’ is another fine example of that talent. The song is indeed a lovely tribute and it makes a nice change for a country song not to be about heartbreak – this track about the good in a relationship and the strength that two people can bring each other. Give ‘You Say’ a listen – it will get your week off to the perfect start.

You can listen to the track for yourself below.

You can see the Lyric Video premiere for the track tonight over on Becky’s Facebook – click here to tune in!


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