Kate Ellis Releases ‘Another Way’ – Single and Video

Today we’re delighted to Kate Ellis again with her brand new single ‘Another Way’. Kate is no stranger to Belles and Gals fans, headlining one of our live events in London back in 2019.

The song is an emotional one about her relationship with her father. As Kate explains:

It’s the song of a daughter finding forgiveness for her father and understanding the connection between them. It is about realising that someone can only live by what they see as real, and we cannot always see another way to be. Love allows you to accept that person with all their frailties.

Kate, who only moved into a music career in 2017 after working in law, has an almost timeless, mellow sound to her music. It’s reflective and has a depth to it which is tugs on your heartstrings. Her debut album ‘Carve Me Out’ made great waves when it hit the airwaves and led us at Belles and Gals to exclaim, ‘”There is little doubt that one of the breakthrough artists of the year is UK based American Kate Ellis. The rising star of country who has a brilliant folk style”.

This new single, produced by John Reynolds (Sinead O’Connor, Indigo Girls and Damien Dempsey), is a piano-driven masterpiece with sumptuous strings added into the mix.

Video director Yorgo Lykouria:

We wanted the video to reflect the simplicity and directness of the song and to bring the emotional content of the music onto the screen in an affecting and visual way. This is about a woman coming to terms with her father’s
imperfections; the flaws that created pain in his life, and spilled over to the next generation. The song is played out in the intimate setting of a musician alone in their room. The imagery invades from the past as either ghosts or memories. By the last touch on the keys, they are both healed.

This is the first release from Kate Ellis’s upcoming sophomore album ‘Spirals’ and it’s already clear that this is a release to be greatly anticipated.


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